Charging Information

We have a range of Standard (7.4kW), Fast (22kW) and Rapid (50kW) chargers across the Island. As more drivers make the switch to electric and demand increases we will expand the number of charging points and add new locations. View the Live Map here

All chargers require the user to provide their own charging lead. Chargers will automatically recognise how fast a charge your vehicle can accept, and how much charge is required.

The rapid charger caters for Chademo, CCS and Mennekes Type 2 connections via tethered leads. Please note although the rapid charger has three charging leads, only one charging session (lead) can be enabled at any one time. When viewing the online map, if any lead is in use the remaining leads will be unavailable.

Chargers can be unlocked using the Charge Your Car smart phone app, or Evolve RFID card. For details on how to register for Evolve click here

Signage and the digital display on the charger will guide you through unlocking, starting and ending your charging session. Twenty four hour support is available via Charge-Your-Car here

The Evolve network is brought to you by Jersey Electricity, in partnership with Charge Your Car. By driving electric your vehicle is running on certified low carbon energy helping reduce Jersey’s carbon footprint.