EV etiquette

To ensure that all users enjoy a positive experience at our chargers, please follow the basic good practice measures below.

Charge up and move on

Evolve spots are primarily for charging, not parking (or squatting as it is often known). Please move on once you’ve topped up, so others that may need a charge can have access to the charger.

Keep it tidy

Take care to run your cable sensibly, be mindful of neighbouring vehicles and avoid creating a tripping hazard for other users.

Cable clash

EV manufacturers have located charging ports all over their vehicles, you may find yourself face-to-face with your EV neighbours’ port leaving no room to move. Try to park in the most sensible direction to avoid cable clash.

Making an entrance… or exit

Cables and charge points make EV parking spaces more cluttered than a non-charging space. Take extra care when parking up or moving out not to clip or damage anything.

Look after the kit

Chargers and charging cables are expensive and can carry live electricity. Please take care with the chargers, don’t drive over cables and if you notice any damage report it immediately.