Frequently asked questions

We want to make charging your EV as easy as possible. Here you’ll find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

How do I charge my car?

You will need to Register for Evolve to access the majority of the charging network.

The 50kW Rapid charger at The Powerhouse is accessible via Contactless payment using a credit or debit card.

How much does a standard or fast charge cost?

Charging is priced per kWh of electricity used.

Standard charger (7.4kW) or Fast charger (22kw)

Night rate = 11 pence per kWh (midnight – 7am)
Day rate = 21 pence per kWh (7am – midnight)
Minimum charge of £2 for all sessions

How much does a rapid charge cost?

Charging is priced per kWh of electricity used.

Rapid charger (50kW)

Evolve RFID or Charge Your Car app = 21 pence per kWh at all times

Contactless payment = 25 pence per kWh at all times

Minimum charge of £2 for all sessions
Overstay charge of £5 for stays exceeding 1 hour

Why is there a minimum charge?

The Evolve public network was installed in 2013 and as EVs have become more popular we have received numerous complaints from EV drivers who cannot access charge points due to ‘grazing’. Grazing occurs when an EV driver has a full battery but leaves their car on the charger, blocking others who may need a charge. The minimum charge is intended to encourage only those drivers who need a significant charge to connect. The minimum charge also contributes to fixed costs associated with charging sessions, such as credit card and partner fees.

What do I do if the charger is not working, or my lead is stuck?

If your lead is stuck but the charging session has ended do not try to force the lead, gently push the charging lead back into the charger before trying to remove it.

If this does not work, or for any other issues, call the Charge Your Car help line on 01534 505238.

Do I need a charging lead?

You must provide your own charging lead to use the Evolve standard and fast chargers. The chargers are compatible with Type 2 Mennekes leads, an industry standard fitting.

The 50kW rapid charger caters for Chademo, CCS and Mennekes Type 2 connections via tethered lead options.

Can someone unplug my lead?

The charger will lock to your lead when a session is live. Your lead will only unlock from the charger when you end your session.

For additional security your vehicle may allow you to lock your lead at the on-board vehicle charger.

Can I only use the EV charging spaces while charging?

Yes. Charging spaces are restricted to vehicles that are charging only.

Will there be more charge points?

We are in discussions with additional sites in order to expand the Evolve network and improve the availability of charging points for EV drivers Island wide.