2015 demonstrates the impressive up-take of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles and Electric Cars in the Greater Manchester region


2015 has seen impressive growth in the uptake of Ultra Low Emission Vehicles (ULEV) including full electric vehicles (EVs) and plug-in hybrids across the UK.  Assisting this growth in the Greater Manchester region, the Greater Manchester Electric Vehicle Scheme (GMEV) has provided more than 40,000 electric vehicle charging sessions since January 2013, with over 28,000 conducted so far this calendar year, delivering 360,000 kilowatt hours of electricity in charging, equivalent to
1.3 million EV miles travelled (based on a car battery of 21 kWh and a range of 80 miles).



GMEV Facts and Figures 2013-2015



From a small base of 3,500 Plug-In Hybrid and Electric cars registered within the Government Plug-in Car and Van grant scheme in 2013, ULEV registrations have grown to over 46,000 by January 2016, with 50% of the total registered in 2015. Monthly ULEV registrations have grown from around 500 in 2014 to a monthly average pf 2,400 in 2015 reaching over 3,000 registered in December, pushing ULEV registrations over 1% of new car registrations. The expectation is that the ULEV share of the 2 million+ new car market will continue to grow.


ULEV are increasingly seen as cost effective propositions by private and commercial drivers seeking increased fuel efficiency and lower maintenance costs, encouraged by policy incentives from ambitious Government targets for lowering carbon from transportation, improving air quality and supporting the UK automobile industry in developing cleaner transport technology. The UK is now the fourth largest market for EVs in the world and the fastest growing in Europe. Public charging infrastructure including the GMEV scheme will help this growth and match the rapidly increasing demand for EV charging.


As of December 2015, there are 3,700 registered public access EV charge points with 7,000 connectors in the UK, with 45% of the market operated by Charge Your Car (CYC), CYC being the operator of the 160 GMEV scheme charge points with more than 300 charge point outlets.


The GMEV scheme was formed by Transport for Greater Manchester ( TfGM) in 2013 giving EV drivers who live or work in the Greater Manchester region access to an extensive EV charge point network. As at December 2015, the scheme has nearly 1,000 registered drivers.


The top three most popular GMEV charge points units over the last 12-months are Trafford Centre Parking Garage (East) delivering over 21,000 kWh of charging electricity over 2,700 separate charging sessions, The John Dalton Building delivering 18,000 kWh over 1,700 charging sessions and The Media City Multi-Storey Car Park delivering 12,000 kWh over 1,200 charging sessions.  Over the whole estate, the average time a driver is plugged in is just over two hours.


The graph below shows the amount of power consumed each year since 2013, demonstrating a dramatic year on year increase:








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