Ensto Chago joins the Charge Your Car network

Following successful CYC Open Charge Point Protocol(OCPP) testing and verification for the Chago Pro fourth generation AC charging station, Ensto Chago and Charge Your Car (CYC) are pleased to announce Ensto Chago’s interoperability with the UK wide CYC open source network of public and private access charge points.

The addition of Ensto Chago to the CYC network, further helps the UK’s e-mobility market by offering access and support from an unrivalled range of charge point manufacturers and installers interoperable through CYC OCPP, offering a product range for all requirements and specifications. CYC partnered charge point manufacturers include ABB, APT Evolt sourced from Circontrol, Chargemaster, DBT, Elektromotive, ICU from Alfen, Schneider and Siemens from Efacec.

Ensto Chago is an international Cleantech company specialised in the development, manufacture and marketing of electrical systems and supplies for the distribution of electrical power as well as electrical applications.

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