Used EV Market Rises ‘Substantially’

As the demand for Electric Vehicles enjoys steady growth, so too has the demand for used alternatively fuelled vehicles.

According to a report by the SMMT, sales of used alternatively fuelled vehicles ‘rose substantially’ by 94.1% between July and September as new fuel technology becomes more openly available making EVs and PHEVs more viable options for UK motorists.

This rise in demand comes as the European Federation for Transport and Environment published a report placing the UK as the third biggest buyer of Electric Vehicles in Europe behind the Netherlands and Norway.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “It’s particularly promising to see the growing demand for electric vehicles filter into the used car market but to encourage greater take-up, a more widespread commitment to charging infrastructure is needed.”

We think this is great news at ChargePlace Scotland HQ and this is why we are dedicated to improving the EV Charging Infrastructure in Scotland both from a service perspective with the opening of our 24/7 customer care line, and by improving the network with the installation of up to 50 new rapid chargers in early 2017.

For more information about the ChargePlace Scotland network you can call us on 0141 648 0750, email us at, or tweet us at @chargeplacescot

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