West of England joins Charge Your Car

Source West is a new electric vehicle infrastructure project established by local authorities in the west of England that will be operated as part of the Charge Your Car national electric vehicle recharging network.

The scheme has been set up by Bristol City Council, Bath and North East Somerset Council and South Gloucestershire Council.

The local authorities involved in the scheme are committed to a low carbon future and to increasing the sustainability and health of the region and its inhabitants. To achieve this objective their plan is to make plug-in electric vehicles a viable option for commuters. This is being achieved by the introduction of a network of electric vehicle charge points at shopping centres, council car parks, train stations, hospitals, businesses and on-street. They are also offering subsidised charge points for the home and workplace. Individuals and businesses within this geographic area as well as North Somerset can join the scheme for free.

The Source West network is in line with other electric vehicle strategies that are being developed nationwide and contributes to a national effort to embrace and support the use of electric vehicles by enabling EV drivers to roam and charge throughout the UK.

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